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Making photos or videos into bokeh is now much favored by photography editors. Usually they use the Latest Bokeh Museum Video application to make it.

Because now a lot of application developers are developing applications to support the art of bokeh video museum 111.90.1l50.204. One of them is Kinemaster, After Focus, and many others.

Where these applications are intended to make photos or photos into bokeh like photos of Japanese or Chinese artists.

But do you know what bokeh is? Bokeh is a blurred background that is called bokeh. Sometimes a lot of people think dirty when they hear these words.

Don’t misinterpret it, guys, back to the topic of conversation where this time we will provide some application recommendations that you can use to make photos or videos into bokeh or at the address 1111.90 l50 204 West.

The application is very work and guaranteed easy to use by you beginners. For more details, you can listen to the description below.

111.90.l50.204 Video Bokeh Full Download

Bokeh itself comes from the Japanese vocabulary, namely boke which means “blur” or can mean “fog”, or boke-aji which means “blurred quality”.

In Indonesia, Bokeh is read with bohkey. Bokeh is a visual effect that requires a special shooting technique in order to get a blurry but very smooth background .

You need to use a special lens and then change the settings on your cellphone camera so that you can ensure that the light behind the object when shooting will not focus or blur.

To get the hottest Bokeh video effect on Twitter which is very good, it depends on 3 factors, namely the distance between the subject and the background, Aperture, which depends on the lens used, then also depends on your focus area.

These three factors are often referred to as the exposure triangle  or in Indonesian the exposure triangle. From the explanation above, you already understand what bokeh is, right? If so, then you can see the list of applications below.

111.90.l50.204 Indonesia Viral

In the following, we will explain one by one the applications that can make your photos/videos blurry.

Because we know that having a photo with a blurred background is a cool thing.

Where a photo with a bokeh background looks cooler and looks like a portrait using a DSLR camera.

Maybe from learning to frame your photos, you can become a famous editor like Indra Hakim, Agan Harahap, Faiz Sadad, and others.

They all learn from the easiest things first then the complicated ones. If you want to be like them, start by using the apps below.

111.90.l50.204 Japanese Apk

The recommendation for the first bokeh museum video application that you can use to edit photos is called square video or 111.90.l50.204 japanese, where this application is widely used by editors to edit photos for upload on Instagram social media pages.

Where you can edit photos with a 1:1 ratio like photos on IG, so you don’t have to worry about your edited photos being cut off when they are uploaded.

Simply by using this application you can create your photo frame to make the photo look more attractive, then you can make bokeh on the background of your photo, or make the backroud a plain color like blue or red.

Actually the features are not only that but there are many others where to find out you must first install the application on your cellphone.

Second Application: Frame Laps

The second application is called Frame Lapse where this application is fairly small in size compared to the first application. Despite its small size, you can’t underestimate this application.

Because in this application there are many features that are very interesting and also very useful in making videos look much more beautiful.

A feature that will be very useful is bokeh. Just like other video editing applications, Frame Lapse also provides manual and automatic options for giving a bokeh effect.

If you are not satisfied with the results of the bokeh video that the Frame Lapse application has produced, try buying the pro version.

Where the Pro version already offers more complete features and is able to produce videos that have much better quality than the free version.

Third App: Cameringo Lit

For this third application, it is a light version of the previous application, namely Cameringo Filter Camera.

This lite version is much more suitable to be installed on smartphones that have low specifications, aka potatoes. For example, the ram is small, or the internal storage/memory is almost full, and so on.

If we look at the features, the Cameringo Lite application is no less different from its predecessor. Where this application is equipped with a very cool feature, namely bokeh where you can adjust where the focus point will be blurred.

Not only that, guys, this application is also equipped with a feature called fish eye where the recorded video will appear curved.

And the recording results that will be produced when using this one feature are similar to making videos using a GoPro camera or other action cams.

Unfortunately, not all types of smartphones support the fish eye feature . If your cellphone’s camera lens does not support this feature, this feature will be disabled.

Fourth App: Bacon Camera

The fourth application that you must try is Bacon Camera. Where this application can be used as a second camera for your cellphone only by downloading and then installing it.

The very superior feature of this Bacon Camera application is recording video using the bokeh effect.

Where you can adjust the level of bokeh in the video that is being recorded. Thanks to this one feature, the video that will be produced looks like life and is also real like it was recorded using a DSLR camera.

Another advantage of this application is that it is able to produce high-resolution videos like the default HP camera application. So it’s no wonder so many videographers use this application when taking videos.

You also need to know that Bacon Camera is very compatible on Android versions 4.4 to Oreo.

Fifth Application: Perfect 4K Cam

4K resolution includes the highest video quality for videos that can be produced using only an Android smartphone .

Only flagship phones are capable of producing videos at that high resolution.

But you can produce videos with 4K quality only by using a potato Android phone to medium specs.

The key is to use this fifth application, namely Camera 4K Perfect. This application is also able to create a bokeh effect in the background of the object.

But you need to know that only videos with 4K resolution require a very large storage space.

So, you need to prepare a fairly roomy internal memory. If necessary, you can also add your storage space by using an SD card.

Sixth Application: Video Filter, Video Effect

The sixth application recommendation for making full no-censor museum videos is Video Filters, Video Effects.

This application can also be used to record a live video from the application or can be used to edit videos contained in the gallery or your cellphone storage memory.

Especially for camera features, the quality of the video that will be produced will follow the quality of your cellphone’s default camera.

So, the higher the resolution of your cellphone camera, the more it affects the video results. This will also happen the other way around.

As for editing, you can freely choose the blur effect you want to apply to your video. If you don’t want to bother, you can use the automatic bokeh option. But the bokeh that will be produced sometimes looks less real.

In order to create a bokeh effect that is much more natural and maximum, you should only use manual mode, guys. So, you have to determine the parts that you want to blur or blur.

Seventh Application: Cameringo Filter Camera

This seventh application is included in the ranks of paid applications. But you don’t have to worry because the money you pay will be worth it because of the features provided by this application.WA Web – Double Apk

You can use this camera application to record videos with bokeh backgrounds like a DSLR camera. In addition, the color details that Cameringo Filter Camera will capture are like real and then exactly the same as the real thing.

Eighth Application: Fast Motion Video FX

By the time you read the name of this application, maybe you can guess what has become the main feature of the application, right? Exactly, this one application has excellent features in the form of fast motion effects .

Where the function of this feature is to speed up the movement in a video so that the duration will be drastically reduced.

Not only that, Fast Motion also has a bokeh feature that can produce high-quality videos, this application is also free to download.

Ninth Application: DSLR Camera HD Ultra Professional

Want to record videos that have good quality but you only have an Android phone? Don’t worry because now an application called DSLR Camera HD Ultra has been created.

As the name implies, this application is claimed to be able to record video equivalent to making videos using a DSLR camera.

Videos that have been recorded and produced from this one application will have a higher resolution than the default camera on your cellphone.

This last application is also free. So, you don’t have to make a payment in order to enjoy all the features in this application.

For a very superior feature when using the DSLR Camera HD application, the bokeh feature.

Where this feature is able to create a video background that looks blurry like recording using a fixed lens on a DSLR camera. Very interesting, isn’t it guys?