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Club Soccer Director 2021 is a football management simulation game in which you can manage your own team, or create and control the life of an actual professional soccer club. Create different characters with unique traits to interact closely day-to-day from when they wake up until bedtime! This title offers over 100 leagues around Europe including England’s Premier League where players compete for glory against other teams across all levels just like real world counterparts do here on Earth: national-, regional-, provincial+lower division clubs

Club Soccer Manager 2020 is all about creating the best football stadium around. You can build fitness centers, medical centers and optimize business income by developing facilities inside your club’s home field-the grounds you buy with real money to make sure it’s perfect for YOUR team! Choose from 820 clubs in 38 leagues across 14 different countries – create a dream squad made up entirely of Messi or Ronaldo players if that suits your fancy (or maybe Antonio Valencia!). Design an entire roster right down their uniforms before deciding what type of outfit should they wear on game day?Manage the entire football club by controlling every aspect of it. You can edit names, kits and player avatars in game with an intuitive full featured editor so you know how your team needs to play on any given pitch!



Some features of Club Soccer Director 2020

  • Choose from the number of football clubs
  • Out of 820 football clubs in 38 leagues from 14 different countries
  • Create your own football stars and design your team from scratch
  • Make the necessary changes to the club name, stadium name and design more details
  • Manage the development aspects of the football club and how to invest in the funds
  • Upgrade your club facilities, including stadiums, fitness center, medical, training ground and youth academy
  • Negotiate transfers and offers with players, as well as contract negotiations with players and staff