Eternium Mage And Minions Mod Apk Free Download For Android

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Eternium: Mage and Minions is a surprisingly fun game, reminiscent of great classic games. It’s produced by Making Fun Studios with an excellent score in the role-playing category already achieved at 4 out 5 stars!

Battle your way through a variety of locations with Eternium: Mage and Minions. Use swords, axes or even magic! You’ll need all the weapons at your disposal to fight off enemies like skeletons zombies robots demons undead dragons in this action packed adventure-arcade style video game for iPhone/iPad where you can collect treasures hidden throughout different lands before they disappear forever inside black holes caves forests laboratories etc…

A dark, yet beautiful world awaits you in Eternium: Mage and Minions. With its unique story-driven gameplay that provides an immersive experience for all players around the globe to enjoy together!
Join our team of adventurers as they embark on quests throughout this fantastic realm where each character has his or her own secrets to reveal about themselves along with special skillsets not seen anywhere else before… Download today if You dare!”


Some eternium features: Mage and Minions

  • Unlimited championship capability by reaching level 70
  • Each hero contains 20 magical abilities
  • Impressive special effects
  • Jewels, the game’s main currency
  • Upgrading equipment