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fm whatsapp-One type of messenger app that almost everyone uses is WhatsApp. There’s no denying that this app does have a lot of features that you can use for free.

Simply by using the internet and smartphone, then you can also establish communication with others. WhatsApp application that has many features such as FM WA APK.

There is no denying that for chat applications such as WhatsApp is classified as a lightweight application, with the internet is not too wasteful. It is only natural, if the number of users is increasing.

What’s more, the WhatsApp app has unlimited properties. For WhatsApp FM users, of course, you can feel the difference with the original WhatsApp application.

Review FM WhatsApp APK

FM WhatsApp is a modified WhatsApp app, and it was successfully developed by Fouad Mokdad. There are many advantages that it has through some features that will not be found on the regular WhatsApp application.

Users can enjoy every feature offered for free. So this is the reason why the number of WhatsApp FM users is more.

For millennial youth, using whatsApp FM application is perfect. One of the reasons is because some features are very interesting and have a lot of options.

When compared to the original version of WhatsApp, users can feel comfortable while using WhatsApp FM.Download RA WhatsApp APK MOD Latest Version 2021

What’s more, whatsApp’s FM app comes with conversations that are already protected with the use of passwords.

In addition, it can also improve the file transfer process as well as app customization. The official WhatsApp application is considered to have limited features, so many are interested in moving to using the FM WhatsApp APKapplication.

Fm WhatsApp Features

In general, all the features available on the official WhatsApp on the Play Store can be enjoyed through WhatsApp FM.Whatsapp Plus (WA Plus) Apk Download Latest version 2021

While WhatsApp FM has been modified, so the features offered are much more complete. In addition, the features available on WhatsApp FM are not necessarily found on the original WhatsApp application. Here are the features available on WhatsApp FM.

Whatsapp FM Display
  1. Can be used to hide online status, so that users remain offline.
  2. Unable to forward messages that have been sent, so for privacy is maintained.
  3. Users can choose who can contact them via WhatsApp phone.
  4. Can hide the status, that way you can see from the status that is in the contact without knowing.
  5. Blue check or read receipts can be hidden.
  6. Check two or sent reports on messages can be hidden.
  7. Recorder or mic keys can be hidden when you’re doing voice notes.
  8. Notifications in the form of “Typing” messages can be hidden.
  9. On the home page you can edit.
  10. Users can adjust the shape and font size according to their taste.
  11. Editing and modification can be done in the balloon section or WhatsApp chat field.
  12. Dark mode can be changed easily.
  13. Users can omit “Last seen”.
  14. There are many old and latest versions of emojis or stickers.
  15. You can upload stories on WhatsApp for a longer duration of 3 minutes without having to be cut off.
  16. Can send images at full resolution, for such resolutions can reach up to 18 MB.
  17. Sending images can be done more than the original WhatsApp limit.
  18. Users can send video files at a much larger size, reaching 700 MB.

Whatsapp FM Lock

One of the features that many fm whatsapp users rely on is the app lock. As we know that in whatsapp orinya there is no option whatsapp key.

If you have ever experienced whatsapp status hijacked by your prankster friend then a key like this is the right solution for you.WA Web – Double Apk

Even if the screen lock is unlocked, you’ll still be safe because there’s still one more key protection on the Fm Whatsapp.


Indeed whatsapp original already provides privacy settings. Let’s say you want your status not to be seen by a specific person.

But sometimes this feature for some people is still lacking, therefore fm whatsapp provides a variety of privacy settings according to your needs.


Suppose you are very tired of the look and color of wa that’s it. Now it’s time you try fmwhatsapp on this one.

You can choose from a variety of themes with a fresh blend of colors. It’s as if you’re using an app instead of wa, because it looks new.GB WhatsApp (WA GB) Pro Apk Download New Version 2021

Fm WA APK application type is no longer a foreign application for young people. One of the reasons is because this modified WhatsApp application is well known for its advantages and some of the features offered. Includes some advanced features that will not be found in the original WhatsApp application.