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Rank up easily in Mobile Legends now with Kuroyama Booster APK v3.0 (Mod VIP) If you enjoy playing Mobile Legends, here is an APK that will help rank your account up!
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Have you been feeling the pressure of being matched up against higher level players? Are your rank low in Mobile Legends Bang bang and struggling to win matches despite having a high card count, or do enemy teams have an overwhelming advantage when facing off with Kuroyama Booster VIP? If so then these needs are discussed because it could mean there are some things going wrong during gameplay!

In order for us to help fix this issue we recommend downloading one of our recommended injectors from their download link above; before installing make sure that any other addons like LIBSYNDROME (no longer supported) which was used as part of the installation process has also been deleted already firstly if not proceed at own risk: https://www2.g-strategy sinc.

About Kuroyama Booster VIP:

The Kuroyama Booster VIP is an amazing mobile legend game cheat. It provides all the items you could possibly want with ease, and it does so in a way where each one can work on its own specific features without any difficulties or bugs arising from using them simultaneously.Kuroyama Booster VIP

Get the power to dominate your enemies with Kuroyama Booster VIP ML. This rank booster, anti-cheater and damage up 50% can help you play Mobile Legend game in more strength no doubt these features will boost your rank lower or higher as desired!

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All of this plus our other proprietary functions allow us to provide an experience like never before for players who want their skillset improved greatly by utilizing everything we offer at once – including mobile legend’s incredible features such as reducing all foes attack power

Cheats of Kuroyama Booster VIP:

  •  Anti-cheater.
  • Rank booster.
  • Enemy human bot
  •  All cheats are free
  • .Team pro player.
  •  Damage up 50%.
  • Team pro player.

Features of Kuroyama Booster VIP:

  • The download file of the tool is available for everyone.
  • The tool is developed to Boost your skills and power in the game.
  • It does not give ML skins maps and other ML cheats.
  • Available these cheats. Rank booster, Anti-cheater, Damage up 50%, Team pro player, Enemy human bot.
  • Toggle enable-feature is present to unlock any cheats.
  • Sincerely for mobile legend bang bang.
  • The application is human friendly and well designed.
  •  It comes with only 3MB size and it consumes only 3MB space on your phone.

How to use Kuroyama Booster VIP:

  • Just open the toggle button of any cheat and enable the tool.
  • Now turn to your ML game and run it with a new cheat.
  • Install it like a normal mobile app.
  • First, you need to download it from this page.
  • when the cheat’s toggle is enabled, it means the cheat has ready for you.
  • Open, after that, the cheat list will in front of you.


The Kuroyama Booster VIP APK is a great way to get all of the features and cheats without spending extra money. It’s small enough that you can easily download it on your phone or tablet!

Kuroyama Booster VIP APK Cheats for Android – Unlimited Coins & Gems

UPDATE: The Kuroyama Booster Co. released their newest version of the game. Some cheats may no longer work with the new update, meaning you’ll need to search around to find out how to hack this game again. It shouldn’t be too hard though because I’m sure people are still searching for ways to hack the Kuroyama booster APK even today!

The latest version of Kuroyama is here and it’s better than ever! They’ve added an exclusive social media feature that allows you to compete against friends on Facebook, Twitter, LINE, etc… Don’t worry if they don’t have the app installed though! You can still compete against them!

Rooted android phones can now enjoy Kuroyama. You will be able to play like you normally would, only with increased gems and coins to choose from. Using an app like Freedom APK you can make unlimited purchases without credit card information!

This means you’ll never run out of gems again! The best part about this is that your game won’t get hacked or deleted because it’s still using Google Play Services for the actual purchase (we saw that happen to a few games recently). Your game isn’t modified, which means there’s no risk in using Freedom! Check out our full review of Freedom below!: