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The Kuroyama Hack Vip is a cheating app for the popular game MLBB Mobile legend Bang Bang. It's one of the most popular games on mobile devices.
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Hello guys, today we bring you another fruitful Mobile Legends tool known as Kuroyama Tools VIP. This is the most vital app for all MLBB admirers out there! I remember when it first came out on my phone but then dropped off because nothing special really happened with any of its features or anything like that – until now.

Thousands upon thousands have already downloaded this new version since Friday morning (and continue doing so) which means people are loving how authentic these features feel compared to others in-game right now where they don’t even work halfway decently most times.

This is a free and easy-to-use app that can help you track your progress in the stock market. Thousands of users around the world have downloaded it, so there must be something great about this program!

Kuroyama Tools VIP APK

The application has been available for download by anyone with an internet connection since 2014 – we’re not talking small numbers here either:

as many as 50 thousand people per day are signing up from all over just because they want some tips on how best to invest their money or keep tabs on what stocks might hit worth buying soon enough (without having too much risk involved). If those statistics aren’t convincing enough then let me show one last thing before ending my message.

What is Kuroyama Tools VIP?

Kuroyama Tools VIP APK is a great tool if you want to gain access and cheat in-game. It may sound like I’m bragging, but this app can be your magic wand!

If not familiar with the name of Kuroya Booster or any similar variant applications then don’t worry – we have also published our own set on different websites under different names such as “Zeus Gaming Injector”.

While these two tools do share some similarities in features there’s no need for concern since they’re completely unrelated programs from each other outside their relation by being named similarly enough (which isn’t saying much).

What makes Kuriyama  troops so awesome? The best part about them are all those hacks available right away when I am not saying that it is better than others, but I will say this much: It’s very unique when compared to other programs.

The Kuroyama Tools Vip app provides you with all the cheats and features that we talked about in our introduction. The best thing about this tool is it starts off Rank Boosters, which helps to boost your rank so when people play against you they will think of how good their team really could be if only they had one more star player on it!

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There’s also My Team Pro- Initially, when starting out playing an MLBB match (or any multiplayer game), most teams are considered average but not any more thanks again Mr./Ms tools here who gave us some tips for improving them into winning combinations effortlessly without even trying too hard at first glance.

Kuroyama Tools VIP APK

The Auto Winstreak mod helps you become a winning player and will make it easier for newbies to be among the top-winning warriors in no time. Next, we have our Noob Eater which diverts all enemies who want to kill us so that they can’t damage your progress or steal glory from their intended victim – meaning more battles mean greater chances at victory!

Lastly is Enemy Lag: there’s no doubt pro gamers are dangerous if left unchecked but now use this power against them immediately by using “the enemy leg.”

The auto-win streak device gives beginners an edge over seasoned competitors because not only does its automated wins keep track of stats like kills/deaths ratio. “On the other hand, you can open a single account in Antibanned mode to keep your information safe.”

Cheats Menu of Kuroyama Tools VIP:

Below is a summary of the complete cheats list for this tool. Once you download it, there’s no need to pay anything because these tricks are all yours!

  • Rank Booster
  • My Team Pro
  • Auto Winstreak
  • Enemy Noob
  • Enemy Lag
  • Anti-cheater
  • Damage Up 50%
  • Bypass Detect ML
  • Bypass Anti-banned
  • Brawl, Classic,
  • Magic Chess, Ranked
  • Warrior, Elita, Master
  • Grandmaster, Epic
  • Legend, Mythic.

Features of Kuroyama Tools VIP App:

  • All ML Cheats are available in a row.
  • It works smoothly on both Android and tablets.
  • The application is accompanied by a password.
  • The tool is without Ads.
  • Designed for the current version of the game.
  • All cheats appear in the Tools menu.
  • It was only updated 2 days ago.
  • Reliable because it was created by a famous developer called Epic Gaming.
  • Easy up and down scroll flexibility feature.

The password of the App:


How to Download and Use Kuroyama Tools?

  • Allow the “Unknown Source” setting for it.
  • Lastly, all the cheats are in your hands or in your choice.
  • Click the Open “Mobile Legends” button below to inject its cheats and play the game.
  • Download the app directly from the website page without wasting time.
  • Now copy and paste the password from the page, or type “moba21” and run the app.
  • Install it, it will be installed in a moment.


Finally, we have found a way to make ourselves like kings in battle! Kuroyama Tools VIP APK is the only injector tool that also has an anti-ban and bypass feature. This means it will hide you from Mobile Legends Bang bang security team’s prying eyes so use all of its cheats with caution, but don’t worry because they’re safe for any Android device or tablet out on the market right now (including Lollipop [5th gen]!).