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The development of RA WhatsApp from year to year provides good feedback. It’s no surprise that this popular chat app later appeared a modified version.

Developers from all over the world are competing to provide the best for their users or target market. RA WhatsApp itself is one of the modified WhatsApp developers native to Indonesia.

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Indonesian programmers can not be seen in the eyes, because of the fact that one of the nation’s children is able to present wa mod version.

RA WhatsApp comes with an interface that resembles iOS. This design is made for Android users who want to feel the sensation of using WA on an iPhone phone.

Featured Features of RA WhatsApp

Features of RA Whatsapp

Custom Display

Although it has offered a UI look similar to iOS, the developer does not want to limit the creativity of users.

Therefore, users can still custom wa display to be cooler according to the display settings features offered.

This freedom becomes one of the important points because it becomes one thing that users are waiting for.

iOS Emoji Supplement

Emoji on iOS have slightly different characters than emoji on Android. The developer then adds a custom emoji tab that comes from iOS.GB WhatsApp (WA GB) Pro Apk Download New Version 2021

This offer is certainly not wasted by users who want to feel the sensation of using emoji from iOS or for those who just want to know.

Change the Display Effect

Transition or animation effects when clicking on a particular menu are generally made simple.

This time users can initiate these effects by utilizing the display effect feature that has been provided by the developer for free.

Conversation Style Settings

Users may get bored with a monotonous conversational style. In ra wa latest version has been added at least 3 conversation style line model that can be used.

This way, users can change the conversation style to different so they don’t get too bored.

Lock Screen Design Settings

In this application, there is a locking feature that can be set as desired. Users can do a special design for the app lock screen to be more interesting and different from others.

Here you can set the wallpaper, display style and so on according to each creativity.

Advantages of RA WhatsApp Compared to The Original Version

Advantages of RA Whatsapp

The above features are created to meet the wishes of unmet target markets when using the original version.WA Web – Double Apk

The following advantages are also a sign that this WA mod application is able to compete with its competitors. The advantages:

Update Status Characters

Character status creation has now been improved to be longer, which is 250 characters. This is perfect for those of you who want to convey something through long words.

Updated File Submissions

File submissions can now reach 30MB in a single send. The submitted files have also been updated to support all file types of any kind.

Attractive UI View

The ui design does resemble the look on iOS, but it is still optimized and improved to be more responsive. Users can also custom-display as desired.

Anti Banned

In other WA mod versions, this feature has not been applied for any reason. Now RA WhatsApp has anti banned, so it is safe to use for the long term though.Whatsapp Plus (WA Plus) Apk Download Latest version 2021

Security &Privacy Updates

Usage security has now been added and allows you to lock WA using a pattern, PIN or fingerprint. Privacy is related to online status hiding settings, blue check and so on.

Although developed by native Indonesian developers, the existence of RA WhatsApp among WhatsApp mods actually has many fans.

App developers dare to look different from their competitors and that pays off.