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Dr. Doom’s laboratory is a chaotic, exciting place! All of his inventions are powered by bees and bears that he has bred in this lab. One day out of curiosity Dr-Doo decided to create an animal with the power of honeybees but also have strength like bulls–the Bee Bear was born; whether it be for fighting or making desserts nobody knows yet… But one thing everyone does know: only room at ROOMSDOES could contain such awesome creatures as these incredible animals known collectively as “minions.”


In Destiny’s Rooms you can:

  • Combine bees with bears and TVs with snails so you can make crazy hybrid mignons.
  • Test them in the changing parts of the destiny room to see how much time it takes to change them.
  • Upgrade Mignons to earn bonus points.
  • You can activate rare and epic mignons using your skills.
  • Discover more rooms so you can test your mignon skills.
  • Please note: Rooms of Doom is completely free but some game items can be purchased with real money.