State of Survival Survive the walking dead Mod Apk Free Download For Android

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In State of Survival, you must fight monsters and zombies with a team of friends to save the lives of innocents. Six months have passed since it first spread across town – all that is left are deathly viruses in every corner; only one person can defeat them: YOU!In order to protect the people you’ve saved from waves of zombie attacks, it’s best if they’re already in a safe place.

You are a survivor in this post-apocalyptic world. You have to build up your team of friends or fight other survivors for resources and survive against zombies, monsters, pollution that has turned people into infected beings with no souls! The plague spreads faster now so you need all the help that can be given if there is any hope left at all because it’s clear their ultimate goal isn’t just killing us but making sure none remain alive who might try restoring order someday soon.

State of Survival Survive the walking dead Mod Apk Free Download For Android

The war is not easy, but it’s worth fighting for. The last few survivors are in danger; if you survive this horrific period of time then your job isn’t finished yet! You’ll need all the strength and courage that can be found among monsters or infected afr so do whatever necessary to protect yourself while building new teams with strategies-become a real zombie hunter today by planting bombs on their heads when they come near too closely, shooting them down where ever possible…maybe even find some gold coins? These things might help get food onto tabletops later at camp before dinner hour draws near


Some features of State of Survival Survive the walking dead:

  • Collect gold, coins and everything necessary to survive
  • Build a PVP army and target zombies
  • Rebuild
  • Your town and create a safe haven for survivors
  • Rescue survivors from the battlefield to increase the number of troops and their power to fight
  • Build allies and build strategic partnerships

State of Survival Survive the walking dead Mod Apk