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Normal Official Version + Mod and  Version (Infinite Free Purchase) + DataTorque Drift is an amazing game that takes place in the World Car Championships. You can compete against other players and vehicles on various different courses, including forests or comedians’ stages! With competitive multiplayer available for up to 4 people at once as well as double tournament matches it’s always satisfying when victory goes down smoothly with everyone cheering your name.

Normal Official Version + Mod apk

Torque Drifting also allows you create custom cars so make sure to choose wisely because this will affect what type of storage space they have access too after winning races- some may even become unavailable depending upon which vehicle class was chosen (there are six total). Whether using nitrous oxide during overtaking opportunities through drifting sections like Monaco Grand Prix layout; upgrading engines between heats over Formula 1 tracks or mixing fuel types while League of Monkeys is an exciting and innovative studio that has designed a racing game called Torque Drift for Android devices. You can play this free-to-play title completely offline, but you need to have full access to the internet in order do so; after downloading League’s data file when launching it from within your phone settings menu, follow these steps: select “Level” then tap start map once loaded up successfully! The graphics are incredible realistic – which means they’re going be great fun no matter what kind of driving experience suits YOU best (scrolling through endless stages while listening out their catchy soundtrack won’t hurt anything)! So far 5k+ people downloaded our little racer already.



Some of the features of Torque Drift:

  • Real Drift Physics
  • Online multiplayer drift
  • Real professional drift teams
  • Real brand sponsors
  • Real accessory parts
  • Stunning graphics
  • Real smoke effects
  • Specialized car tuning
  • Custom car color painting
  • Impact of accident and damage to cars

New version changes:

  • A brand new Update for Torque Drift is here!
  • We’ve completely rebuilt the User interface to improve usability and have introduced some new
  • features!
  • New Feature: Non-Uniform scale in the PaintShop.
  • New Feature: Profile screen player details.
  • New Feature: Event summary screens.
  • New Decals: ‘Max Racing’ Sticker pack.
  • Fixed: Decals moving up slightly in the PaintShop.
  • Fixed: Wobbly cars in events and replays!
  • Fixed: Bugs and performance improvements across the game.

Torque Drift Installation Guide :

  • Download and install the game installation file (apk).
  • After downloading and extracting the data file from the compressed mode, put the
  • leagueofmonkeys.torquedrift folder in the Android / obb path of your Android device’s memoe.