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For those of you who have a mobile phone there must be an application used to communicate with others such as Whatsapp. And in this article I will talk about WA Web to be used to facilitate your business.

This is a method that can be done to be able to use Whatsaap on a computer or laptop device.Because of course some of you do work using your mobile phone and of course it is very helpful if you can access Whatsapp with your laptop or computer.Whatsapp itself is one of the most used communication apps at the moment.To be able to use this application you have to use a regular phone number to be used as a Whatsapp number.Almost all people who have hp there must be a communication application this one to be used as a medium of communication.

Whatsapp also does not use credit as payment but instead uses internet quota to be able to access it.Straight away for those of you who are curious about the way that needs to be done to be able to use Whatsapp on a laptop can listen to the explanations below.

Advantages of Using WA Web

Maybe some of you are asking why should you use Whatsapp with a computer or laptop? Whereas obviously easier by using android device.There are many advantages that you can feel of course if you use WA Web as a medium of communication.For those of you who are curious about what are the advantages if using Whatsapp Web can listen to it in the explanation below.

Easy to Use

Surely the first advantage you can feel is the ease in doing something.You can access two devices at once using your mobile phone and using your laptop or computer.But what should be noted is that the internet connection must be stable if you want to use this method.Of course, it is very helpful for those of you who have a job or busy that requires to be in front of a computer or laptop.

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Fast In Typing Messages

If you use WA Web, definitely use the keyboard to type the message to be sent.For sure if using the keyboard to type will be faster so it is very helpful in communicating to be easier.And usually if using keyboard errors in writing or typos can be minimized more easily.

No Application

If you think to use WA Web on a computer or laptop should install the application first you are wrong.Because to be able to use it you just need to use a web browser such as mozila or firefox.Of course, this is very easy to communicate using a laptop or computer to be lighter by being able to without using applications.


This method is often used because it gives real or real time time of the message being sent.For example, if you send a message using your mobile phone, it can also be viewed using your laptop or computer.And the time sent using mobile phones will immediately appear also on the WA Web and vice versa.

Remote Access

The most helpful thing is that you can use Whatsapp Web even if your phone is located away from your computer or laptop device.But of course both devices have to be connected to the internet in order to access the same Whatsaap account at the same time as well.And there is a thing to note is if using this way then very sensitive internetnetwork .For example, the internet network from a mobile phone is unstable so you will be asked to wait a while.

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How to Use Whatsapp Web

If you are curious and want to try using Whtsapp Web there is no need to worry because the way is quite easy.And if you are experiencing confusion, you should first read about the ways that need to be done to be able to use this method.For more details and details on the steps to use WA Web can see the explanation below.

  • The first step you need to do is to set up your laptop or computer and open“Web Browser”and enter the following link ““.
  • If it is then it will appear like this.
  • Next you can grab your phone and open the application“Whatsapp”.
  • Then in the top right corner you can click “Dot Three” and enter on the menu “Whatsapp Web“.
  • The next step is that you are asked to“Scan Barcode Or QR”on your computer or laptop screen.
  • If successful then you will enter the display menu “WA Web” as shown below.
  • And if you want to exit can click “Point Three” in the view “Browser” next pilik “Log Out“.

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For the way that I have described above is guaranteed 100% Successful if done in the order of steps given.And if you ask about security issues of course it is very safe to use this way because you can access Whatsapp Web only you have that number.There is also a drawback that there pata WA Web is that you can not create stories or stories like Whatsapp used to use a mobile phone.Maybe enough discussion about WA Web hopefully with this article can be useful for you guys good luck, Thank you.