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WhatsApp is a great messaging app, but it lacks features some people want. For these individuals who are looking for more in an application than just the basics of chatting and sharing photos with your friends or family members that live far away from you; there’s WAPWhatsApp! This platform has all sorts of different options available to satisfy even their most picky needs when communicating over the internet on mobile devices such as yourself without having any difficulties whatsoever at no additional cost whatsoever outside what already comes standard within WhatsApp which doesn’t have many anyway so its free really means nothing if something costs too much because then nobody will use them anymore…but anyways back onto topic: This particular website offers everything one could need including sending videos.

WAPWhatsApp APK 2022

For those who want a WhatsApp clone on their phones without the need for installing an original application, WAPWhatsApp provides all of its features.

WAP WhatsApp Apk Info

App Name WAP WhatsApp Apk
Version V16
App Size 40.6 MB
Total Downloads 200000
Requirements 5.0+
Cost Freeware
Official Website WhatsApp
Last Updated 1 Day Ago
Rating 4.4

Features of WAPWhatsApp Android

This app is a great way to keep your chats private. It also helps you conceal the time and date of when you copy them, if that’s something important for you! There are other features available as well though like being able hide who was talking in any given thread or being notified before they send their next message so there will never be surprises again-I love these options because I’m always trying notifies people about things going on around me whether good or bad.

The best thing about this APK is that you can access more emojis, such as 😁 which was only available in the original WhatsApp application. If enabled group messaging counter will show how many texts are sent out within a particular chat and there’s no limit on length or size like before; one feature while enabling video-sharing option sends videos from your phone that nobody else has access too! Cropping images wasn’t allowed when using WAPWhatsApp but now with an updated version it works just fine again without any watermarks whatsoever – everything under control once we get back home safely 😉

The best thing about this application is that it allows you to hide the data and time.


How to Download & Install WAP WhatsApp

The developers of WAP have updated this by releasing new versions that come with various functions and features. To enable you, as a user to make an informed decision about which type of web application program will work best for your needs or project requirements; it is important know there are three different packages: Lite Package (free), Standard Package ($100) ,and Enterprise package costing $500!

The first is to utilize this MOD as the focal number; surprisingly, somebody utilizes Google Breath textual style.
This application will be utilized like some other on Whatsapp- a respected messaging app with over 1 billion monthly active users (and counting). Discover “WAP WhatsApp Download” catch in order download an adaptation for your device before it’s too late! This document provides all kinds of features that you’ve been asking about regarding previous versions but couldn’t access because they weren’t available yet or hadn’t finished development–so enjoy everything instantly when installing below and don’t forget what happened next…

WAPWhatsApp Old Version

WhatsApp has emerged as an instant messaging app for mobile devices. The application, however, lacks certain features such as file-sharing and privacy options that should have been there in the first place–but not anymore! With developers’ efforts on creating news mods of WhatsApp with more advantages over its original version (i love you), people can now enjoy these advanced functions without any hassle whatsoever.


Q1: Is WAPWhatsapp safe to use?

Yes, it is safe to use because it does not violate the original WhatsApp application’s rules and policies. Hence, you can enjoy the features and functions accordingly.

Q:2 How To Install The WAPWhatsapp?

Just search for WAPWhatsApp on Google, then go to any website and download WAP WhatsApp Apk.

Final Words

Once you have clicked on the download button, your phone will be flooded with new features and enhancements.
This app has been developed to help people stay connected in a digital world where they can communicate freely without having any boundaries or limitations imposed by their location; for example: if an individual is not allowed access internet at home then he/she needs only make use of these facilities while travelling outside! In addition to being able send messages , share photos privately as well publicly – all within minutes worth downloading WAPWhatsApp APk 2022 from Google Play Store . Once installing it onto Android device (PC Suite users should wait until installation finishes before opening!), just enter WhatsApp ID