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Zombie Hill Racing – Earn To Climb: Apocalypse is a very exciting and different racing game in the style of Driving, made by an indie development studio called INLOGIC ARCADE. In only 5 months since its release it has been able to receive one out of ten Response from players on Google Play Store as well as fans who enjoy all types action games such as those without guns or violence related content! The goal here seems simple; if you love zombies but still want something with some adrenaline then look no further because this will be your new favorite pasttime for awhile at least until they announce another awesome title coming soon just like what we’ve come accustomed too seeing lately sometimes

The game is full of exciting and challenging missions. You will face zombies along the way who want to stop you, but there’s more than one type! Some types can climb across dunes like a spidermonkey while others are immune from bullets or attack with only their claws! The advanced combat machine has special skills for targeting specific parts on wilds zombies making them easy targets without taking too much damage yourself in return; this makes destroying these creatures easier than ever before–they’re not going anywhere anytime soon either as all-new features put an end once

The obstacles in the game are so difficult that you will need to upgrade your war machine and equipments, buy weapons and use special bombs. You can even customize the appearance of cars with different colors – red for instance is very popular among players who enjoy fast racing games such as this one! The graphics on display here at Zombie Hill Racing just melt away while playing because it’s gorgeous without being overbearing or complicated looking like other similar titles out there right now might be.


Some features of Zombie Hill Racing

  • INLOGIC ARCADE – zombie racing shoote An exciting and different racing game
  • Crossing sand dunes and safaris in the hills
  • Deal with dangerous zombies
  • Escape from the bloodthirsty zombies
  • Aim and shoot the zombies
  • Earn points
  • Advanced machine and weapons
  • Build your own special and favorite car
  • Excellent rating from Google Play